I would also like to add a quick explanation to my team name " Sunday Funday". Jessie had a shirt that said "Sunday Funday" on it that she LOVEDDD. And I mean really, really loved! Myself and her two children would take joy in messing with her when she wore that shirt. It became something so simple that could make us laugh regardless of anything else going on. Some days she'd wear it for the sole purpose of getting us to crack jokes with her. And I know what you may be thinking, "how could a shirt bring so much laughter"? Honestly, I don't know. It may be fair to say we all have a strange sense of humor. And yes, it's fair to assume we also laugh at dad jokes. But in all seriousness, that shirt gave us some of the best memories with her. We have belly laughed too many times over that "cool mom" shirt to not make this my team's name. #SundayFunday