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Supporting Angels 2023

Lauren Mania

Supporting Angels

"Hello! My name is Lauren Mania and I am a senior at North Smithfield High School. As a graduation requirement, every senior comes up with a project that exemplifies or demonstrates some of the Northmen core-values that our school pushes each graduate to have. When given this opportunity, I immediately thought about my Mom.

Unfortunately, in late December of 2021, my Mom passed away after she lost her battle with cancer. Cancer is something that not only played a big part in the last few years of my Mom’s life, but also currently plays a role in my Aunt’s life. I was very close with my mom and watched her as she went through her treatments. I noticed that when things were initially announced on social media, or there were big updates for treatments, she would receive support, but as time went on and there were longer periods without any updates posted, that support would quickly fade. Knowing that these times that nobody really saw were often some of the hardest, I knew that I wanted to make a change for other women in similar situations. I wanted them to know that even on the days they struggle where they feel nobody sees them, that they are still supported and thought of.

To try to accomplish this, I will be collecting donations to create care packages for patients who have been going through cancer treatments for extended periods of time. These packages will aim to not remind them that they have cancer, but rather remind them that they are loved and supported and have an entire community of people behind them. The packages will include things from everyday self-care essentials to activities that they can do when they don’t quite feel well enough to be more active. I am also hoping to work with some of the children in the community to include some pieces that are almost guaranteed to put a much needed smile on their faces!

Please help me to help them by donating if you are able, or by sharing this page to help spread the word! Donations of $5 or more will be sent a handmade angel bookmark as a token of gratitude for your help in making a difference in someone's life! The bookmarks will be made in 3 colors to choose from, pink, white, and teal, to honor breast, lung, and ovarian cancer. Bookmarks will be personally made and shipped so delivery times may vary. Bookmarks will be available while supplies last so please donate as soon as you can! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you would like to share a message with myself or to be included in a package, please reach out by emailing me or leaving a comment.

Thank you!"


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