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2021 GloriDays Virtual Walk

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GloriDays Virtual Walk

June 4th - 6th, 2021

Pledge to Walk 4.4 Miles to 44 Miles

Join Us on the Path to GloriDays!
Each year, GloriDays participants Walk 44 miles to provide FREE Education, Holistic Programs & Support Services to cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones. This year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we will once again walk virtually.  Family and friends near and far can join in the excitement and inspiration of the GloriDays weekend.

Pledge to Walk;
1 Mile for 44 Days, or
4.4 Miles on the GloriDays Weekend
It's up to you!

Connect to the Strava App to automatically update your progress on your goal and challenge your family and friends to do the same.


Every Dollar Raised Helps Our Community 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation has been there without interruption to our patients, survivors, and their families, but we need your help to continue.  As we navigate out of the pandemic, the strain on our finances is prevalent, but we together can persevere and continue to navigate the path forward.


How does the “Virtual Walk Challenge” work?

Step 1: Register to Walk (invite your friends and family sign-up with you!)
This is a “virtual walk”. You will be pledging to walk or run a from 4.4 miles to 44 miles.  On June 4th - 6th, you will hit the pavement, hit the treadmill or walk/run at a local park. You can also pledge to walk 1 mile every day for 44 days.  We know that some of our teams want to join their other team members to walk.  All I can ask is that you remember social distancing and to be sure to wear a mask in public spaces. Your health and safety is important to us.  

Step 2: Create or Join a Team!
Share your page with friends, family and your social network.  Encourage them to join your team and walk with you. 

Step 3: Promote, Promote, Promote - Any Amount Helps!

Step 4: Connect to the Strava fitness App!
New this year, you can connect your fundraising account to your Strava account allowing you to automatically import your walk activities into your fundraising account. Strava is a popular fitness app that tracks your fitness activities.
Click Here to learn more about Strava!     




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341.03 miles
of 4,444 miles Goal
Countdown to event!
Your donation will support an individual in a Group Session with a licensed Mental Health Therapist

Group therapy assures individuals that they are not alone and that other individuals share similar struggles. A group therapy session can help an individual receive support while giving support at the same time.
Your donation will provide a healing Oncology Massage Session

For a cancer survivor suffering the lingering effects of cancer treatments, Oncology Massage has shown to help with sleep, headaches, neuropathy, nausea, stress and anxiety.
Your donation will support an Integrative Therapy Session

Studies have shown that acupuncture may be helpful with cancer patients and survivors. It has show to reduce symptoms, such as mental fatigue, physical pain, anxiety and depression.
Your donation will support a Restorative Yoga Class for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Research has found that practicing Restorative Yoga for just 10 weeks has improved the outlook and energy level for Cancer Patients.
Your donation will support a family receiving Nutritious Meals and Critical Support from the Gloria's Angels Food Program for three months

The National Cancer Institute continues to credit healthful eating during and after treatments to manage a healthy blood count, maintain body weight, maintain body tissue and even help reduce the side effects of cancer therapies
Your donation will go a long way to helping our cause.
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